Wu Yi Bao(Tianjin) Energy Technology Co., Ltd.




Wu Yi Bao(Tianjin) Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Wu Yi Bao(Tianjin) Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Wuyibao (Tianjin) Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2018 and is subordinate to Lizhong Enterprise Group. At present, it is mainly engaged in recycling and sales of recycled aluminum. At present, it serves many suppliers and purchasers offline, providing compliant and legal transaction services for both parties; In 2021, the online transaction of recycled metal will be launched to provide customers with more convenient online and offline integrated transaction, industry information, quotation and other services, and build a comprehensive trading platform for the whole industry.
Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "limited resources, unlimited circulation, metal recycling, and benefiting the country and the people", the company has built a most professional comprehensive platform enterprise integrating renewable resources recycling and trading in China.
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The company has independently developed and built a renewable metal trading platform, applied for the copyright of computer software, verified the authenticity and effectiveness of the "four in one" (contract flow, cargo logistics, bill flow, capital flow) by using IT technology, changed the traditional trading mode of renewable metals, realized the standardized management of tax receipts, and met the tax supervision.
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